How do I request a duplicate copy of the ECA report for myself or a third party?

If your ECA report has been completed and you need a duplicate copy of your assessment for yourself or to send it to a third party, you can order a copy by clicking here.

Please note that CES assessment reports/letters issued after 1997 are available in most cases. Those issued prior to 1997 are no longer available. 

Please know there are two costs involved when ordering duplicate copies, they are as follows:

  • The actual duplicate ECA Report copy-Check the fee per each duplicate copy.
  • The delivery method of how you want to receive the duplicate copy. You can choose the following options – Certified Electronic Copy, Courier with Canada/USA, Courier International 

For detailed information regarding the fees, please visit Fees, Additional Applications, and Forms.

If you only request to have the Duplicate Copies of the Official Transcript sent directly to an institutional third party, please do not fill in 3. Request Duplicate Copies of ECA Report/Send to A Third Party in the online application. A complimentary ECA report will be included in your official transcript forwarding package. 

Please also be advised not to remove ordered items during the checkout stage as this will cause delays with your ECA processing.

The processing time is 5 business days from the date we received a completed application with the full payment.

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