How do I upgrade my general ECA report to be used for immigration purposes?

If you had your academic credentials assessed by CES after April 17, 2011 and now wish to upgrade that assessment for Canadian immigration, please complete an Upgrade to an ECA for Canadian Immigration Purposes application form and submit it to CES along with all required documents. You must submit your application and documents to CES by mail or in-person.

The following documents are required to complete your Educational Credential Assessment application:

  1. A colour photocopy of a government issued identification (ID) showing date of birth.
  2. A colour photocopy of both sides of the final award (degree/diploma certificate) in its original language.
  3. A colour photocopy of both sides of the academic records (transcripts/mark sheets) in its original language.
  4. An accompanying word-for-word translation of all documents not in English or French completed by a certified professional translator.
  5. Official academic records (transcript/mark sheets).

Documents #1-4 must be submitted first as part of your application and the official documents (#5) sent directly to CES (address below) in a sealed envelope.

Student No: X______________________
Comparative Education Service
University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies
158 St. George Street
Toronto, ON M5S 2V8

CES has prepared a “Request Official Academic Records” form to assist with #5. Applicants may submit this request form to their educational institution to help complete this process. 

Please refer to our country list as some countries have specific document requirements. If your country of study is not listed in the country list, please follow the general guidelines.

Please click here for current processing times.

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