Can CES forward a copy of my Official Transcripts to a third party?

To order a copy of your official transcripts to be sent to a third party, please complete and submit the online “Duplicate Copies of Official Transcript to a Third-Party” form along with a colour scan copy of government-issued identification. There are two fees to order a copy of your official transcripts to a third party. Please know a copy of the ECA report will be included in the package. 

  • The fee to forward a copy of the official transcript per each copy.
  • The delivery method of how you want to receive the duplicate copy. You can choose the following options – Certified Electronic Copy, Courier with Canada/USA, Courier International 

For detailed fee schedules, please visit Fees, Additional Applications, and Forms

Please note: This service is only available for applicants who have received a completed ECA report from the Comparative Education Service (CES) and is subject to the availability of the official transcripts. For general-purpose ECA reports issued from 2017, your official transcripts are usually digitized and a copy of it can be shared with an institutional third party, upon your request and the full payment. There is no guarantee that this service is available for all Official Transcripts from any institution. The availability of this service is subject to the policies of your academic institution regarding the redistribution of your Official Transcripts, as well as the Comparative Education Service’s discretion. It is your responsibility to ensure that a forwarded copy of your Official Transcripts meets the document requirements of the receiving organization/institution.

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