How do I change the delivery method for my ECA report?

To change the delivery method of your ECA report, please complete the the CES payment authorization form and submit it following the submission instructions on the overleaf of the form. We strongly recommend you submit the form online to avoid delays. Please include a note stating that you have an application in progress and would like to update the delivery method of your ECA report.

If you would also like to update your preferred mailing address on your profile for the delivery of your ECA report package, please do the following:

1. Log in to your account on

2. Click "My Profile" and the expanded options to update your preferred mailing address or telephone number.
3. You can add/remove a preferred mailing address and click "Save Changes". Your preferred mailing address must be updated before the dispatch of your official ECA Report package.

For ECA Report packages dispatched via courier service, a local telephone number associated with the address must be provided.

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