Applying to New Registration Pathway for Internationally Educated Nurses

​​Inspire Global Assessments [formerly known as Nursing Community Assessment Service (NCAS)] has an agreement with the Comparative Education Service (CES), University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies to accept the credential evaluation for your nursing credential(s). Please refer to Inspire Global Assessments (NCAS)'s website for more information regarding the new registration pathway. 

CES provides an online application for applicants who want to apply to the new registration pathway. The following two options are available to select from:

  • Document-by-document Application for NCAS (new application) - $149
  • Document-by-document Application for NCAS (upgrade from a CES IRCC ECA report)-Do not complete Credential 2 to 4 - $135.6

For CES applicants who already have an IRCC ECA completed and issued by our office, you only need to “upgrade” to a General Assessment. Please only complete Credential 1 as the upgrade fee covers all credentials assessed by CES for IRCC purposes.  

If you already have a completed CES General Assessment, you will only need to request Duplicate Copies of Official Transcript Sent Directly to Institutional Third-Party. There will be a limited fee of $84.

Please make sure that the language of instruction information is clearly stated in your official academic records. Without this information, CES might not be able to include it in your assessment report.

Delivery of Assessment Report

The above-mentioned fees include the assessment fee and the secure electronic delivery of the assessment report and the reviewed authenticated academic documents to Inspire Global Assessments (formerly NCAS) through an established secure delivery method.   

  • If you (The applicant) do not wish to receive the assessment report, you may choose Certified Electronic Copy for NCAS only (including copies of your academic documents)
  • If you also wish to receive the assessment report, you may choose any of the following delivery options, an electronic copy will be automatically sent to Inspire Global Assessments (formerly NCAS). 
    • Courier Service within Canada and Continental USA
    • Courier Service International
    • Certified Electronic Copy

To help you navigate the document requirements for the registration pathway, we have provided the document checklist at the end of this article. 

If you would like to receive a copy of your assessment report for Inspire Global Assessment (formerly NCAS) purposes after you submitted your application, please contact our office by submitting a request. The delivery options of the assessment report are

Delivery Options 

Optional Certified Electronic Copy 

Check the fee

Courier within Canada and Continental USA (Tracking Available) 

Check the fee

Courier International (Tracking Available) 

Check the fee



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